Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Controversial Minuteman Project Comes To San Diego/ Diego/CA/USA/12-Jul-05

Just like in Arizona, the civilians can watch the border but can only report on illegal immigrants, not detain or harass them.

Human rights groups plan to protest and keep eyes on the civilian patrols.

"We want to make sure whatever happens in Campo over the weekend, there is respect for everyone's civil rights, including undocumented immigrants, crossing through there," Christian Ramirez with the American Friends Service Committee said.

Oceanside man says he'll watch the border this weekend/North County Times/Ventura/CA/USA/12-Jul-05

Human rights groups, including the San Diego office of the American Friends Service Committee, have said they will also have volunteers patrolling that part of the border. Their volunteers will be looking for human rights violations on the part of the border watchers, said Christian Ramirez, head of the American Friends Service Committee.

"We're going to be sending a few observers out to make sure rights are not violated at all," Ramirez said. ….


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