Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Book Review - period ended 8.15.2006

Book Review/Quaker History//Beyond a clunky title is a lively, endearing look at Philadelphia/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/9-Aug-06/...Incisive, quirky, wry and boosterish without pulling appropriate punches, Metropolitan Philadelphia combines the droll piecemeal observations of excellent cultural journalism (William Penn became "simultaneously the city's founder and its first suburbanite") with a synoptic view of local identity that recalls Digby Baltzell's Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia.

Instead of chronicling the region's history or bombarding us with figures (though he sprinkles hard info throughout), Conn exchanges "the quantitative approach to American urban studies" for a focus on themes, noting that a region's life "is more than its countable parts.". ...

Book Review/Gulley, Phil///Author to speak in Milford/Iroquois County Times-Republic/Milford/IL/USA/10-Aug-06/...Gulley is currently promoting "Almost Friends," the sixth book in his Harmony series. The series is set in Harmony, Ind., a small town filled with many lovable characters.

The stories center around Quaker minister Sam Gardner, who begins the series in his first year as the new pastor in his former hometown. The stories continue as Gardner lives and works with his congregation, dealing with problems and celebrating friendships.

Gulley came to Milford last summer and spoke to a crowd of around 100 people.. ..

Book Review/Business/Benefiel, Margaret/Bringing your soul to work/Science & Theology News/Boston/MA/USA/7-Aug-06/... and corporate entities. “As a Quaker,” she writes, “I knew about the tradition of inner leading by the Spirit ... I had a ...


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