Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Crime and Punishment - perioed ended 10.15.2006

Crime and Punishment / Parenting / Valton Friends Church / Willis, Paul / Hainstock's home life troubled, friends say / Wisconsin State Journal / Madison / WI / USA /8-Oct-06//Later that same night, his father, Shawn Hainstock, showed up at the Valton Friends Church, accusing Eric of abusing his stepmother and stealing a family car. …"The way Shawn treated him was like a dog you keep tied up," said Richmond, who said Eric spent a lot of time at his home a few years ago.

Shawn Hainstock and his wife, Priscilla, have declined repeated requests for interviews. Shawn Hainstock's mother, Irene Hainstock, said Thursday that Eric's lawyers have advised the family not to talk to the media.

Paul Willis, pastor of the Friends church, said Eric "truly loves his dad," and that Shawn Hainstock only wanted Eric "to do what's right."

He said he didn't want to judge Shawn Hainstock's parenting, saying only that children of model parents sometimes end up in jail, too.

"Who's equipped to be a parent when you become one?" Willis said.......


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