Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quaker House - period ended 10.15.2006

Quaker House / War / Iraq / Fager, Chuck / AWOL Bragg soldier pleads guilty / Fayetteville Online / Fayetteville / NC / USA /13-Oct-06// ... Some of those supporters, mostly from the Quaker House, held a noon vigil downtown while others, such as Fayetteville Quaker House director Chuck Fager ...

Quaker House/War/Iraq/Fager, Chuck/A Soldier Hoped to Do Good, but Was Changed by War/New York Times/New York/NY/USA/13-Oct-06//... He called a hotline for members of the military run by a coalition of antiwar groups. The man who took the call was Chuck Fager, who runs Quaker House, a longtime pacifist stronghold in Fayetteville.

“This call was unusual,” Mr. Fager said in an interview. He said hotline receptionists took more than 7,000 calls from or about military members last year.

“I don’t have these kinds of probing discussions about moral and religious issues very often,” he said. “I said to him, you’re not crazy or a heretic for having difficulty reconciling Jesus’ teachings with what’s going on in Iraq.” ...


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