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Humanitarian Assistance - period ended 1.31.2006

Humanitarian Assistance/Medicine///Mooresville blood drive/Mooresville / Decatur Times/Mooresville/IN/USA/29-Jan-2006//The Mooresville Community Blood Drive, sponsored by the Delta Theta Tau Sorority, was held Jan. 18 at the Friendship House of the Mooresville Friends Church. ...

Humanitarian Assistance/Exeter Friends Meeting/Hurricane Katrina/Hurricane victims find kinship in area Quakers/Boyertown Berk Montgomery Newspapers/Kutztown/PA/USA/27-Jan-2006//… Shirley and Jed Smith of Gilbertsville recently embarked on a disaster-relief mission that took them to Raceland, Louisiana.
On Dec. 28 the Smiths set out on a 20-hour road trip with fellow members of Exeter Friends Meeting, including Jamie Leavenworth of Boyertown, Evan Munsing of Wyomissing and Leo Winkelbauer of Austria. They were on their way to assist a Houma Indians community in southeastern Louisiana.
Ranging in age from 20 to 70 years old, group members were anxious to help the community recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina.
Their Quaker meeting house provided financial help for the service trip, and the volunteers reached out to Chief Brenda Robichaux of the United Nation of Houma Indians.
The Houmas have endured hurricanes and floods in the past, but the recent disaster severely impacted the nation since its members have become largely centralized in the New Orleans region.
Most of the 15,000 Houmas live in isolated towns along the edge of the bayou of southeastern New Orleans, the area hit hardest by Katrina. ...

Humanitarian Assistance/War/WWII/Education/A lesson in compassion: Couple forms college fund/Marin Independent-Journal/Marin/CA/USA/23-Jan-2006//… The family moved back to Los Angeles and met Quakers who were universally opposed to internment camps. Roland said Quakers were responsible for helping many victims get back on their feet by offering housing and jobs.

"That's why a lot of Japanese ended up in places like Cincinnati," he said. "The Quakers were real heroes."

Roland, his brother and both parents lived in a single bedroom offered by a Quaker and his wife. Then they moved into a garage where they lived without running water, used a hot plate to cook meals and went to the bathroom in a hole dug in the back yard.

"We lived like that for about year," he said....

Humanitarian Assistance//Helping hands: Johnstown Fellowship builds Peruvian complex/The Tribune-Democrat/Johnstown/PA/USA/20-Jan-2006//.. Members of Greater Johnstown Christian Fellowship have reached a milestone in their efforts to extend a helping hand to impoverished and abandoned children in Peru.

In less than three years, Pastor Gary Tustin Sr. said his ministry has ventured from “vision to victory” in establishing a compound in Lima that can be viewed as a safe haven for children in the region.

Tustin will journey to Lima for the dedication of Buenos Amigos Iglesia, or Good Friends Church, on Feb. 19.

The church is the final piece of a puzzle that will help alleviate the pain and suffering of children in Peru.

“Thirty-three homeless children die each day in Lima from treatable diseases, which are mostly associated with the foul water supply,” Tustin said.

“Orphaned and abandoned children are viewed as a pariah to their society. Seventy-five percent of Lima’s population is under the age of 18.”

Coupled with Peru’s unemployment rate that hovers around 70 percent, the children have little hope without outside help.

Tustin’s affiliation with Peruvian ministries dates back 21 years, but he didn’t make his first visit to Peru until eight years ago.

“Our intent was to build an orphanage to help the children,” he said.

But orphanages are government run and are known as places where abuse and neglect are common.

“Many children would rather die on the streets than face certain abuse in these orphanages,” Tustin said....

Humanitarian Assistance/Graveyard//Salvation Army celebrates 100 years of helping/Anacortes American/Anacortes/WA/USA/18-Jan-2006//.. to preach hope and salvation to thieves, prosititutes, gamblers, drunkards and the poor in evangelistic meetings in a tent in an East End Quaker graveyard. ...

Humanitarian Assistance/Hurricane Rita//Ministry lighting the way/Daily News/Galveston/TX/USA/16-Jan-2006//….... “We’re supported by a number of local churches, including First Baptist and the Friends Church in Bacliff, as well as New Hope Baptist.”. ... ....When hurricanes arrive, there are many national sources for outreach and support.

When more common financial crises threaten to put families in Bacliff and San Leon on the ropes, people tend to turn to local caring ministries that are ready to step in and lend assistance and counseling.

One of these is Bay Area Christian Services.

“We’re the last hope for a lot of people,” said Donna Read. “We offer counseling, prayer, food or small amounts of rent, utilities or gasoline assistance.” ...


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