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Religious Diversity - period ended 1.15.2006

Relgious Faith/Civil Rights//Celebrating King's legacy/OCRegister/Yorba Linda/CA/USA/15-Jan-2006//…YORBA LINDA - Two local congregations will today let the rest of Orange County in on a joint celebration they've been putting on every year for a decade to rejoice in music, understanding and the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Friendship Baptist Church, the largest African-American congregation in Orange County, and its neighbor, Rose Drive Friends Church, will combine choirs, musicians and spirits at a 3:30 p.m. service at Rose Drive. ...

Religious Faith/Service///CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP/Canton Repository/Canton/OH/USA/15-Jan-2006//... N, Canton. Christ-centered program for any struggle; (330) 454-5365. Monday: 7:30 pm, First Friends Church, 5455 Market Ave. N, Canton. Thursday: 7:30 pm, St. ...

Religious Faith/Religious Diversity/Science/Natural Science/A Call for Complexity/Science & Spirit/Boston/MA/USA/6-Jan-2006//In the Middle Ages, Islamic cultures had specific reasons for encouraging specific sciences, such as mathematical astronomy, which could assist in determining the direction of Mecca for prayer. Some Indian traditions have been seen as more conducive to an appreciation of evolutionary motifs than conservative Protestant traditions in the West. A recent book by philosopher and historian of science Geoffrey Cantor, Quakers, Jews, and Science, contains compelling contrasts between Jewish and Quaker communities in England from 1650 to 1900; whereas Quakers were drawn to observational sciences, such as astronomy and botany, Jewish scientists tended to favor the more mathematical and theoretical sciences.

Religious Faith/Church-State/Intelligent Design/Hurst, Kenneth/News Digest/Daily Trojan Online/Los Angeles/CA/USA/12-Jan-2006//… State

Intelligent design suit filed: A group of parents in Lebec, Calif. filed the first suit in the state against the teaching of "intelligent design" in a public school, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The parents said the school teachers are trying to avoid the recent decision made by U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III, rejecting the Dover, Pa., school board's decision to teach "intelligent design."

The El Tejon school board voted 3-2 to teach the "Philosophy of Design" class, which began Jan. 3 and will be taught for one month.

Kenneth Hurst, an opposing parent who is also a scientist, said the class interfered not only with his religious views as a Quaker but also with his beliefs as a scientist. ...

Religious Faith/Bible///Minister bridges two disparate worlds/Boston Globe/Boston/MA/USA/7-Jan-2006//... which has churches worldwide and was led by a man who described himself as a ''beer-guzzling, drug-abusing pop musician" converted by a Quaker Bible group. ...

Religious Faith/Civil Rights/Peace Activities/Welch, Margaret/Letter: A little political sarcasm/Daily News Transcript/Boston/MA/USA/8-Jan-2006/4 Instances/… Margaret Sohier Welch, one of the founders of the Quaker Church here in Framingham, said before she died, "There is much we can do to change the world within the small worlds we live in if we can take advantage of the small, yet significant opportunities that manifest themselves in each new day. Let us begin." Indeed, let us begin.….


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