Monday, January 15, 2007

War/Tom Fox

War/International Conflict/Fox, Tom/Corrie, Rachel/Patriotic peace/Huntsville Times/Huntsville/AL/USA/23-Mar-06//... Patriotic peace

To all the Times' readers opposed to the killing in Iraq: You are not alone. Stand up. Speak out. Help stop the war.

Talk. Speak. Write your congressman. Talk to others about the war. Talk to ministers. Talk to your children. Write a letter to the editor of the local paper. Attend a peace vigil. Each action make a difference. It counts.

Peace vigils occur very week in every state in this country. The local weekly peace vigil in Huntsville is at Five Points at noon on Saturday. Check out the North Alabama Peace Network's Web site for information:

For my children's sake, I seek and believe in a future not based on fear, retribution and violence, but on love, hope and kindness as acted on by the great peacemakers of the past: Martin Luther King, Jesus, Gandhi and Tolstoy. Modern day peacemakers include Rachel Corrie (killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Palestine three years ago) and Tom Fox (Quaker and member of Christian Peacemaker Teams recently killed in Iraq).

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote: The "essence of optimism is strength..." including "...the strength always to claim the future for oneself instead of yielding it to one's opponents." Peace is patriotic. Resist fascist militarism.

Peter G. Engstrom

Madison, 35758 ... /

War/Fox, Tom/Penn, William/Tom Fox had ties to Chambersburg/Chambersburg Public Opinion/Chambersburg/PA/USA/21-Mar-06//In the Quaker tradition which he practiced, he felt called to put his faith in a loving God into concrete action — consistent with our state's Quaker founder ..

War/Roanoke Friends Meeting/Fox, Tom/Martin, Tony/Peacemaker's life cut short by Iraqi violence/Roanoke Times/Roanoke/VA/USA/19-Mar-06//The Roanoke Meeting of the Society of Friends wants to publicly express our grief and dismay over the killing in Iraq of our fellow Quaker and fellow Virginian, Thomas Fox.

Fox was in Iraq, knowing the danger to himself, in order to assist the families of victims of torture, expedite shipments of needed medical supplies and to form peacemaking groups among the Iraqis.

He also wanted to show by his presence that not all people of the United States, nor all who call themselves Christians, support this tragic war.

The last thing that Fox would have wanted was for his death to contribute to the hatred and misunderstanding that is feeding the violence spreading throughout the Middle East.

Instead, he would want his suffering and death to encourage greater support for efforts to end that violence.

George Fox, a man of an earlier century who shared Tom's last name and who was the founder of Quakerism, encouraged his followers to so live as to avoid the occasion of violence.

In the name of Thomas Fox, we plead for people to heed this call.

Tony Martin

Clerk of the

Ministry and Counsel Committee

Roanoke Society of Friends ... /


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