Friday, July 22, 2005

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By ERIN DOSS\Reporter

Iroquois County Times-Republic/

She said the library also sold 35 copies of Gulley's latest book, "A Change of Heart," even before the book signing. Additional copies were available for purchase last night.

Gulley, of Danville, Ind., said the book came out two weeks ago and he is beginning a book signing tour that will include stops in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Michigan and other locations.

This book, the sixth in Gulley's Harmony Series, continues the story of Pastor Sam Gardner, a minister to the Harmony Friends Meeting, and the people in his congregation.

Gulley said the inspiration for his stories and characters come from his own life. "I pastor a small Quaker meeting and have been a minister for 22 years," he said. "My meeting has quite a few characters in it!"

A full version of this story appears in the July 20 edition of the Times-Republic. …..


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