Sunday, July 31, 2005


'Pole police’ should respect viewpoints

Kodiak Daily Mirror/

… I’m a bit concerned about KEA being involved with this whole yellow ribbon thing. I’m sure when Mr. Scott told Ms. Currie and her group they could put yellow ribbons on our utility poles he meant well and I would like to believe that he had nothing to do with this group’s aggressive behavior when it comes to ridding our utility poles of horrible antisocial thoughts like, “War is Not The Answer.”

I’m shocked that these self- appointed “pole police” didn’t look into the fact that the Friends Committee on National Legislation is a Christian organization which is recognized worldwide for being totally supportive of our troops, loudly and vocally. They do stand up against unlawful and illegal warfare. Ms. Currie’s group goes and tears down anything that her group doesn’t agree with and proudly proclaims she has a garbage bag full of other people’s opinions. ...


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