Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Community Newswire/London/England/UK/24-Jul-05

… A voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting knowledge exchange between nations was today welcoming a Zimbabwean publisher to Sheffield.

Semea, the Southern E-Media, Education and Arts group, is hosting a talk in the city featuring Godfrey Ncube, the publisher of Zimbabwe's banned "Weekly Times".

Mr Ncube will be offering up his own view of the historical and economic landscape that has shaped the current Zimbabwe crisis over the last 20 years since independence.

"Zimbabwe- the revolutions that lost their way?" considers how over three million Zimbabweans have come to find themselves in exile from a land of plenty and entirely disenfranchised by the government of liberation whom they had regularly voted into power.

Mr Ncube has a history of banned publications and was speaking to members of SEMEA at the Sheffield Quaker Meeting House at 7.30pm tonight.

Semea is a not for profit trust set up as a capacity building organisation providing training, and supporting knowledge exchange between Southern Countries and Northern cities.

Semea has established a number of intercultural groups in Sheffield and afforded opportunities for a variety of Zimbabwean artists to work in the Yorkshire region.

For more information about the work of Semea visit ...


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