Sunday, July 31, 2005

Quaker History/Business/Monopoly


San Francisco Chronicle/
San Francisco/CA/USA/23-Jul-05

… Just as he did with "Wasting Your Breath" during last season's "21 Dog Years" run, Daisey will finish up his "Ugly American" stay at the Rep with a one-night workshop performance of a new, less autobiographical monologue. "Monopoly!" explores the Microsoft antitrust case, the dispute between Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla about electrical standards, Wal-Mart's virtual takeover of Daisey's hometown and the history of the titular board game, which he explains was co-opted from a Quaker game illustrating "the dangers of unbridled capitalism."

"If you look inside any Monopoly box, there's a history of Monopoly that's completely fabricated," he says.

Blowing the lid off a capitalist board-game conspiracy sounds like a dirty job, but luckily Daisey's had his share of those before. ...


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