Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Peace Activities - period ended 9.15.2006

Peace Activities/Religious Diversity/Peace, Whit/Organizers welcome people of all beliefs to spread the peace/Virginian Pilot/Virginia Beach/VA/USA/9-Sep-06//... Whit Peace, a Quaker, and Rick Mateo, a Buddhist and a sales manager for Saturn of Virginia Beach, envisioned the event last year.

"I don't think we're going to change the world tonight," Peace said. "We're never going to change the world unless we have peace in our hearts.". ...

Peace Activities/Dialog/Women//Sharing their faith/Sun-Sentinel.com/Ft. Lauderdale/FL/USA/8-Sep-06//Enough fighting already! A group of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Quaker women don't want to argue about religion. They want to talk. ...


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