Tuesday, December 19, 2006

War - period ended 9.1.2006

War/Iraq/Quaker House/Fager, Chuck/Iraq objector turns self in at Ft. Bragg/ Chicago Tribune/Chicago/IL/USA/19-Aug-06/Associated Press/... He was met there by Chuck Fager of Quaker House, a Fayetteville organization that counsels soldiers who want to leave the military.

Guardian Unlimited/London/England/UK

Leading The Charge/Sydney/Australia/Oceania

The Columbian/Tri-Cities/WA/USA

The Olympian/Olympia/WA/USA

Seattle Post Intelligencer/Seattle/WA/USA


Fort Worth Star Telegram/Fort Worth/TX/USA

Houston Chronicle/Houston/TX/USA

Myrtle Beach Sun News/Myrtle Beach/SC/USA

The State/Columbia/SC/USA

Myrtle Beach Sun News/Myrtle Beach/SC/USA


Cushing Daily Citizen/Cushing/OK/USA

Forbes/New York/NY/USA

CBS News/New York/NY/USA

Herald News Daily/Grand Forks/ND/USA

News 14 Charlotte/Charlotte/NC/USA

News & Observer/Charlotte/NC/USA

Winston-Salem Journal /Winston-Salem/NC/USA

Fayetteville Online/Fayetteville/NC/USA

Winston-Salem Journal/Winston-Salem/NC/USA


Fayetteville Online/Fayetteville/NC/USA

Lexington Dispatch/Lexington/NC/USA


Wilmington Morning Star/Wilmington/NC/USA

Biloxi Sun Herald/Biloxi/MS/USA

Pioneer Press/St. Paul/MN/USA

Mankato Free Press/Mankata/MN/USA


Times Picayune/New Orleans/LA/USA

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette/Fort Wayne/IN/USA

Fort Wayne News Sentinel/Fort Wayne/IN/USA

Chicago Tribune/Chicago/IL/USA

Belleville News-Democrat/Belleville/IL/USA

Bradenton Herald/Bradenton/FL/USA

The Ledger/Sarasota/FL/USA


Washington Post/Washington/DC/USA

North County Times/Ventura/CA/USA

Centre Daily Times/Contra Costa/CA/USA

Contra Costa Times/Contra Costa/CA/USA

San Jose Mercury News/San Jose/CA/USA

San Diego Union Tribune/San Diego/CA/USA


Times Daily/Montgomery/AL /USA

War/Politics and Economics/Medicine/Boardman, Chris/Former McCarthy, McGovern backer takes on Ruppersberger/Towson Jeffersonian/Towson/MD/USA/22-Aug-06//... Before shifting careers and training as a registered nurse in the mid-1990s, Boardman worked for years as a freelance magazine writer and editor.

He said he'd had such a career change in the back of his mind for years before he finally made the switch. He first got the notion while he was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War (he is a Quaker), serving at a hospital in Philadelphia.

"I just felt like I had a gift for relating to patients and felt that the hospital was a very meaningful place to work," said Boardman, who also holds a master's degree in the history of ideas from Johns Hopkins University.. ...

War/Politics and Economics/Medicine/Boardman, Chris/Nurse challenges Ruppersberger/Towson Times/Towson/MD/USA/17-Aug-06//... He first got the notion while he was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War (he is a Quaker), serving at a hospital in Philadelphia. ...

War/Iraq/Resistance//A Conversation with Bob Watada/Berkeley Daily Planet/Berkeley/CA/USA/21-Aug-06//... A Conversation with Bob Watada, father of L. Ehren Watada, first U.S. Military officer to publicly resist illegal war and occupation of Iraq, at 7 p.m. at Berkeley Friends Church, 1800 Sacramento St. 684-0239. ...

War/Government Conspiracy/Dover Friends Meeting/Woodward, William/Anti-war ideals inspire UNH prof/The Union Leader/Manchester/NH/USA/30-Aug-06//... that advocates pacifism. He joined the Dover Society of Friends, a local Quaker organization, in 2002, he said. The following February ...

War/Government Conspiracy/Dover Friends Meeting/Woodward, William/Professor 's 9/11 theories outrage NH leaders/The Union Leader/Manchester/NH/USA/26-Aug-06//... Rep. Jeb Bradley's office to protest the Iraq war. His Quaker tradition, Woodward said, compels him to "speak truth to power.". "I ...

War/Conscience/Rustin, Bayard/Faith in action/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/LittleRock/AR/USA/26-Aug-06//As a devout Quaker, Bayard Rustin legally could have opted for the alternative service rather than the armed services during World War II. ...


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