Tuesday, December 19, 2006

War - period ended 9.15.2006

War/Conspiracy Theory/Leftist/Woodward, William/'Crackpots' Cloud Events Of 9/11/CBS News/New York/NY/USA/11-Sep-06/National Review/... The UNH professor, William Woodward, teaches psychology — not engineering or physics — is a Quaker pacifist previously arrested for demonstrating at the ...

National Review Online/New York/NY/USA

The Union Leader/Hanover/NH/USA

War/Conspiracy Theory/Dover Monthly Meeting/Woodward, William/Two professors, one 9/11 conspiracy debate/Concord Monitor/Concord/NH/USA/3-Sep-06//... the conspiracy theory. Woodward is a member of the Dover Society of Friends, a Quaker group. Barrett is Muslim. While Barrett participated ...

War/Civil Rights/Ewell, Tom/Are we a nation ruled by fear?/MaineToday.com/Portland/ME/USA/11-Sep-06//... Such references disturb Tom Ewell, a Quaker who led the Maine Council of Churches for almost 20 years.

Ewell believes terrorist threats are real and that the country needs to guard against them. He also believes that those threats, and what happened on Sept. 11, are being exploited to keep people fearful.

Ewell is struggling to deal with his own set of fears.

He worries about the erosion of civil liberties, and is especially distraught about charges that his government has tortured prisoners to get information.

"It keeps me awake at night sometimes," he said. "Especially in a leadership role, did I do enough? Did I do enough to stop this war?"

Ewell has dealt with his fears through prayer, attending anti-torture vigils in Portland's Monument Square, tending to his marriage and celebrating his first grandchild. Last week he left Maine for Seattle, where he will spend the next two years learning how to teach nonviolence. ...

War/Politics and Economics/Peace Testimony/Lansdowne Meeting/What's on the agenda for Congress's post-election session. By .../The American Prospect/Danvers/MA/USA/11-Sep-06//... On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Democratic congressional candidate and Navy man Joe Sestak invited me to see him speak at the Friends Meeting House in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, a bucolic Philadelphia suburb that is part of the 7th Congressional district. Pacing in the aisle of a crowded room, Sestak put our nation’s lack of emergency preparedness in the context of the Iraq war. “When one and a half weeks in Iraq covers the entire FEMA budget,” Sestak said, “our priorities are wrong.” Sestak’s rhetoric echoed his response to President Bush’s weekly radio address on the costs of war, which the Democrats tapped him to deliver on August 19.

Behind Sestak stood the American flag, along with enlarged black and white photographs depicting flooded New Orleans streets and the now iconic pandemonium at the Superdome. Also along the back wall was a framed copy of the Peace Testimony of the Society of Friends. At one point an audience member asked Sestak whether a serviceman could possibly stand for peace. “I find that military men and women are often more for peace than those who have not served in the military,” Sestak said in stride, not breaking a sweat in his dark suit. ...

War/Peace Activities/Canada Yearly Meeting/CFSC/Quakers Rock/PEJ News/Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia/Canada/6-Sep-06//…CFSC - At their annual sessions, Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) issued a statement, "Toward a Culture of Peace", that speaks to Friends' concern about the increasing emphasis on war and militarism in Canada and globally and calls for peaceful actions that help strengthen and secure the global community. ….

War/Iraq/Quaker Schools/Vadepenas, Edna-Anne/Honoring their hero/Providence Journal/Providence/RI/USA/7-Sep-06//... Her sister Edna-Anne Valdepeñas made the only political statement during the news conference. She described herself as "a Quaker educator" and said that her younger brother died in an "unjust war."

"I know that this loss tears at the fabric of my being," she said. ...

War/Iraq/Quaker Schools/Vadepenas, Edna-Anne/Seekonk Marine's family mourns/Attleboro Sun Chronicle/Attleboro/MA/USA/7-Sep-06//... war. She said as a Quaker educator who believes in peace, she considers the US actions in Iraq to be `` oppressive and unjust.''. ...

War/Iraq/Quaker Schools/Vadepenas, Edna-Anne/Family Grieves For Fallen Marine/Boston Channel.com/Boston/MA/USA/7-Sep-06//... The family said they were not prepared to answer questions about him going to Iraq. But his oldest sister, who said she was a Quaker educator who advocates for peace, made her beliefs clear.

"I believe that the US government's orders for military presence in Iraq is oppressive and unjust. As a sister who has always supported her youngest brother unconditionally in everything he has done, I know that this loss tears at the fabric of my being," said Marie Drury. "He was led by a strong sense of honor, duty and courage to his family and God above all." ..


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