Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Women/Equality/Raised-a-Quaker//Portrait is a tribute to Rosalie Wahl/Minnesota Public Radio/Minneapolis/MN/USA/7-Aug-06/... Wahl came from Quaker roots in Kansas; her early life was punctuated by loss. At the age of 3, Wahl's mother died. She and her younger brother went to live with her grandparents on a 160-acre farm of rolling pasture land. When she was 7, her grandfather and brother were killed by a train.

To cope, Wahl threw herself into reading books and writing. She also became a staunch advocate for justice. During the mid-1940s, while attending the University of Kansas, she co-founded an on-campus interracial housing co-op.

Wahl married and moved to Minnesota, where she had four children. During her late 30s, she enrolled at William Mitchell Law School. She had a fifth child. ...


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