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AFSC - period ended 1.15.2006

AFSC/War/Nuclear Non-proliferation/Activist/Depleted uranium found at Schofield/ Total Instances... One activist group, The American Friends Service Committee, on Thursday filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Pentagon for details on where the ...

AFSC/War/Iraq/Politics and Economics/Groups to push for peace/Boston Globe/Boston/MA/USA/3-Jan-2006/AP/5 Total Instances... MONTPELIER -- Leaders of Vermont's peace movement promised Monday to lobby the Legislature to approve a resolution related to the war in Iraq and said they would step up pressure on other elected officials to support an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

The resolution will be the priority for a group organized under the Vermont Says No To War Coalition, but politicians of every stripe -- including those who oppose the war -- will be in for scrutiny.

"This campaign addresses the most urgent tasks before us: ending the war in Iraq and the U.S. military occupation, and providing for our service members as they readjust to civilian life," said Joseph Gainza of the American Friends Service Committee. ...

AFSC/War/Protest/Civil Rights/Documents prove NSA spies on anti-war groups/Tehran Time/Tehran/Iran/M.E./14-Jan-2006//... on the Pledge as it prepared to depart on July 3, 2004 (the trial for the

AFSC/War/Protest/Civil Rights/NSA used city police as trackers/Baltimore Sun/Baltimore/MD/USA/13-Jan-2006//... surveillance was the Baltimore Pledge of Resistance, a group loosely affiliated with the local chapter of the American Friends Service Committee, whose members ...

AFSC/War/Protest/Civil Rights/Documents prove NSA spies on anti-war groups/ on the Pledge as it prepared to depart on July 3, 2004 (the trial for the 10/04/03 arrest was in 8/04) from the American Friends Service Committee on York Rd. ...

AFSC/War/Protest/Civil Rights/Anti-War Group Has Documents Proving NSA Spied on Them/American Chronicle/Los Angeles/CA/USA/11-Jan-2006//... on the Pledge as it prepared to depart on July 3, 2004 (the trial for the 10/04/03 arrest was in 8/04) from the American Friends Service Committee on York Rd. ...

AFSC/War/Peace Activities/Peace advocates push their cause/The Columbian/Columbia/WA/USA/15-Jan-2006//... "There should be a place for peace at the highest levels in our government," said Kelly Campbell with the American Friends Service Committee. ...

AFSC/War/Iraq/Peacework Magazine/PHOTO CAPSXXX Censored!/Willamette Week/Portland/OR/USA/4-Jan-2006//... 2. Media coverage fails on Iraq: Fallujah and the civilian death toll

Decades from now, the civilized world may well look back on the assaults on Fallujah in 2004 and point to them as examples of the United States' and Britain's utter disregard for the most basic wartime rules of engagement.

Not long after the "coalition" had embarked on its second offensive, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour called for an investigation into whether the Americans and their allies had engaged in "the deliberate targeting of civilians, indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks, the killing of injured persons, and the use of human shields," among other possible "grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions...considered war crimes" under federal law.

More than 83 percent of Fallujah's 300,000 residents fled the city, Mary Trotochaud and Rick McDowell, staffers with the American Friends Service Committee, reported in AFSC's Peacework magazine. Men between the ages of 15 and 45 were refused safe passage, and all who remained—about 50,000—were treated as enemy combatants, according to the article. ...

AFSC/War/Iraq/Leftist/Activists, Brown-Waite meet/St. Petersburg Times/St. Petersburg/FL/USA/3-Jan-2006//.. BROOKSVILLE - Left-leaning local activists vied for a long-shot chance at bringing Republican U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite around to their way of thinking Tuesday afternoon.

"Unlikely," is how Charlie Keller, Brown-Waite's spokesman, described the activists' chances of persuading the congresswoman to seek to immediately bring U.S. troops home from Iraq.

Despite the long odds, three members of local largely antiwar groups said they urged Brown-Waite, R-Brooksville, to hold a town hall meeting on the Iraq war, work to bring home the troops in Iraq and reverse her vote on a narrowly approved budget that reduces funding for entitlement programs such as financial aid for college students and Medicaid.

Representatives from Citrus County Peace Now, Nature Coast Coalition for Peace and Justice, Citrus Coalition for Peace and Justice, Military Families Speak Out, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, American Friends Service Committee, and the Florida Consumer Action Network first requested a meeting with Brown-Waite in November.….

AFSC/War/Civil Rights/Protest/Pentagon Spied on Concerned Peace Moms in Atlanta/American Chronicle/Los Angeles/CA/USA/12-Jan-2006//… Among the few pages of the database published by NBC–the rest of the pages have not been released--was a meeting and protest held by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition (GPJC) in Atlanta.

The document listed the organization’s open monthly meeting held on March 28, 2005 as a "threat."

The meeting took place at the downtown Piedmont Avenue office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker organization committed to peace, social justice, and humanitarian service.

"This action by the government is a disgrace and a blatant violation of our right to free speech and peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the First Amendment," wrote Betti Knott, AFSC Southeast Regional Director," in a prepared statement obtained by Atlanta Progressive News. "The people of the United States have a fundamental right to organize and speak….

AFSC/War/Civil Rights/Protest/NSA Wiretapping Whistleblower/Slashdot/New York/NY/USA/12-Jan-2006//... According to the documents, the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, a Quaker-linked peace group, has been monitored by the NSA working with the Baltimore ...


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