Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Arts - period ended 12.1.2006

Arts/Literature/Religious Diversity/Falling in love again/The Age/Sydney/Australia/Oceania/22-Nov-06//... "When I was five, my dad used to say I was going to be a doctor," she says, so her success must have made her parents happy, but then Stoppard married a Quaker.

"My father covered all my pictures up and boarded up my bedroom. I was dead to him. To give [my parents] credit, they didn't think they were doing anything wrong. They were doing something that, in the eyes of God, would be seen as a righteous act, so of course they weren't concerned about me and neither was I. All I felt was contrition about having married out and so I did want to try to mend the rift.". ...

Sydney Morning Herald,/Sydney/Australia/Oceania

Arts/Film/Raised-a-Quaker/Jonathan Yardley/Washington Post/Washington/DC/USA/18-Nov-06//... Phillips, who teaches film history and modern literature at Loyola University, pays almost no attention to such matters. He makes a nod or two in the direction of Lean's stern Quaker upbringing in suburban London during the early 1900s, and he takes obligatory notice of Lean's six marriages and many affairs, but he only fitfully attempts to connect these important aspects of Lean's private life to his films. He is interested in Lean as a filmmaker but not as a person, which may be fair enough but scants the inescapable connections between life and work. ...


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