Monday, January 08, 2007

Book Review - period ended 3.1.2006

Book Review/Protestantism/Lent/Foster, Richard J./Protestants do the sober season./Slate/New York/NY/USA/28-Feb-2006//... Observing Lent is also part of a Protestant move in the last generation toward more classical forms of spiritual discipline. The hugely influential 1978 book Celebration of Discipline, by Quaker theologian Richard J. Foster, encouraged churchgoers to rediscover fasting and meditation in "answer to a hollow world" and as a way to turn toward God. Some questing Protestants started making like monks, practicing silence and solitude. All this was made more palatable by the improved relations between Catholics and Protestants that followed the Second Vatican Council reforms of the 1960s. ...

Book Review///Out of the Wilderness/Valley Sun/Flintridge/CA/USA/23-Feb-2006//... called "Beyond Majority Rule: Voteless Decisions in the Religious Society of Friends." The idea is ... named for Gabriel near the crest of angels, my friends and I ...


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