Sunday, January 07, 2007

Business - period ended 3.1.2006

Business/Tradition/Wealth//Makeover at Mohonk/New York Times/New York/NY/USA/23-Feb-2006//... stood for timeless pleasures. Still run by the same Quaker family that founded it, Mohonk clings to tradition. Rooms are large and ...

Business/Quaker History//Business profile: He thinks therefore he can/"Moving away from a stereotype is a good thing to do. Many people think we're stereotypical and we're not. We're not prisoners of our history."

Neither is Varley. He attended the Catholic Downside school and married into the Quaker Pease family, whose bank became part of Barclays in 1902.

However, he's set on portraying himself as a modern leader of a bank that has travelled far from its fusty roots in British nobility.. ...


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