Monday, January 15, 2007

Business - period ended 4.1.2006

Business/Religious Faith/Benefiel, Margaret/Melding Quaker ethics and business/Boston Globe/Boston/MA/USA/18-Mar-06//... ''Quakers have been known for hundreds of years as ethical business people," she says. ''Quakers were the first to put price tags in shop windows to say there's only one price for something, so people knew they could count on that price and not have to haggle."

Ethics is one secret to that success, says Benefiel, 53, a Quaker who teaches spirituality and leadership at Andover Newton Theological School, in addition to her consulting work.

''What I do is help people step back and get in touch with their deepest values. If they talk about spirituality and religion, I help them get in touch with those values and use practices of spiritual discernment. If they don't use spirituality language or religious language but they want to talk in terms of ethics and values, then I help them get in touch with their moral compass.". ...

Business/Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility/Philadelphia Area Coalition for Responsible Investment/'The Color of Money'/Cherry Hill Courier Post,/Cherry Hill/NJ/USA/18-Mar-06//... The center's members -- Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Quaker groups among them -- hold meetings with the hundreds of companies they have a vested interest in ...

Business/Animal Welfare///Business women meet/Indianapolis Star/Indianapolis/IN/USA/21-Mar-06//... 29. Callbacks will be at 7:30 pm May 1. All auditions will be at Danville Friends Church, 45 N. County Road 200 East. Performers ...


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