Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Business - period ended 6.15.2006

Business/Globalization/Pease//Barclay's wizard who hopes to cast a spell/The Sunday Times/London/England/UK/12-Jun-06//... FIRST impressions can tell you much about a person. Meet John Varley at the office, for example, and you notice the sharp City suit, the blue braces, the red dotty tie and the Harry Potter-esque rounded spectacles.

The spectacles offer a clue. Here is the corporate wizard who has taken on the task of transforming Barclays, that most British of banks, into a global powerhouse capable of taking on the giants of the industry, the ranks of HSBC and its ilk.

Like the great Potter, Mr Varley has charm, in his case dressed in a self-deprecating humour. Furthermore, he has “superior” pedigree, a blue- blooded English gentleman who married into the Quaker Pease family, whose bank was amalgamated into Barclays in 1902. ...

Business/Wabash Friends Church/Rutledge, David/Wells Fargo president resigns/Wabash Plain Dealer/Wabash/IN/USA/4-Jun-06//... He also was coach for the Wabash Little League and the YMCA. His family attended Wabash Friends Church. "I will miss the people of Wabash," he said. ...


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