Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Business/Integrity/Activism/Human Rights/True entrepreneurs embrace activism/University of Evansville Crescent online/Evansville/IN/USA/27-Oct-06//... Business is a more powerful force in the world than the church or politics, she said, and it is necessary to bring moral sympathy and a code of honor back into the corporate mindset.

Roddick said when businesses are unwilling to introduce these values, it is appropriate for consumers to protest business practices that are detrimental to animal and human rights.

She said the Quaker entrepreneurial tradition is just one example of honest and good business practices.

“We should be putting the ethics back into economics,” Roddick said.

Business is responsible for the well-being of people and the planet, she said, and activism is the rent we pay for being on this planet.

“It is time to move from being good corporate citizens to good corporate activists for change,” Roddick said. ...


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