Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Environment - period ended 11.1.2006

Environment/Recycling/West Hills Friends Church/So long, plastics; hello, global change/… On a recent Sunday, the group attracted nearly 50 neighbors to the West Hills Friends Church to share ideas over a potluck and raffle. David Sweet, a volunteer and former member of the Northwest Earth Institute, gave an inspirational talk about living simply and sharing resources.

"You can acquire cloth shopping bags, change to compact fluorescent light bulbs," Sweet says. "The small changes lead to larger changes over time, eventually your self-image changes, and you do more and more and more." ….

Environment/Global Warming/Hereford Quaker Meeting/‘We may be too late’/Hereford Times/Hereford/England/UK/19-Oct-06//... Representatives from organisations as diverse as Hereford Quaker Meeting, Herefordshire Federation of Women's Institutes, NFU West Midlands and Oxfam, were ...


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