Monday, January 15, 2007

Environment - period ended 5.1.2006

Environment/Direct Action/Greenpeace//10 world-changing social innovations/Guardian Unlimited/London/England/UK/26-Apr-06/... 3 Greenpeace - and the many movements of ecological direct action which drew on much older Quaker ideas and which have transformed how citizens can engage ...

Environment/Animal Welfare///Rat tales are a rite of spring/Concord Monitor/Concord/NH/USA/17-Apr-06/... "Teresa up the road just had the exterminator in. Her rats must have moved to your house."

So that was it. The rats weren't dying - they were migrating.

Which is why, when Ruth called last week, I was a little bit reluctant to tell her how to get rid of her rats. I definitely did not want them moving back to my house. Besides, she's a Quaker. Poison isn't her thing. ...


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