Sunday, January 07, 2007

Native Americans

Native Americans/Vision Quest/Electronic Communication/Moon, Nancy Blair/It's the Season of the Tarp, And Every One the Same Sad Hue/Washington Post/Washington/DC/USA/27-Feb-2006//... Out West, when you go on a Native American vision quest (there are workshops), the medicine man sends you to the desert with exactly three things: your walking stick, your gallon jug of water and your blue tarp. You're out there for two or three days or more, waiting for the vision, and what you do with those objects is up to you, and beside the point. You are out there to listen to the wilderness, the rocks. A woman named Nancy Blair Moon posted this about her vision quest to a Quaker online forum:: ...

FCNL/Native Americans//Schweitzer road trip draws GOP criticism/Helena Independent Record/Helena/MT/USA/21-Feb-2006//... speakers at a conference in Washington, DC, on "Communications and Contemporary Native Americans," sponsored by the Friends Committee on National Legislation. ...


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