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Obituary - period ended 1.1.2006

Obituary/Quaker Schools/Earlham//Meticulous ex-PI editor dies at 93/Palladium-Item/Richmond/IN/USA/27-Nov-05//... foods -- watermelon. A Kokomo native, Ingels' Quaker heritage brought him to Richmond to attend Earlham College in 1930. After his ...

Obituary/Memorial Service//Mary P. Endres Fyfe/Northwest Herald/Chicago/IL/USA/30-Dec-05//... Mary P. Endres Fyfe: A Quaker-style memorial service will be conducted in the spring in the Woodstock area. Quakers and all others will be welcome. ...

Obituary/Koonz, Stanley R./The Winchester Star/Winchester Star/Winchester/VA/USA/22-Dec-05//... a Nov. 9, 1983, article — he enjoyed a simpler existence as a member of the Winchester Centre Quaker Meeting House. Koontz served ...

Obituary/Horticulture/Jordan, Opal/Adcocks celebrate Christmas with family/Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise/Bartlesville/OK/USA/27-Dec-05//Once again we say good-bye to a very special Ramona resident, Opal Luttrul Jordan Cranor. Services were held Friday at Friends Church in Ramona with family and many friends remembering a wonderful mom, grandma and friend. So many of us remember her working at the school and being a supporter of basketball, FHA and many other organizations, a great gardener and a terrific friend.

Obituary/Goodwin, C. Wallis/Everybody's favorite Wally story/Bridgeton News/Bridgeton/NJ/USA/23-Dec-05//…As is usually the case for those of the Quaker faith, according to Grace Thompson, leader of the Greenwich Friends Meeting, his final moments were to be those of celebration, not sadness or regret, over his passing.

"We will share our stories and memories of Wally, and let the healing begin," Thompson told the overflow crowd.

"Laughter is good," she reminded the crowd.

After a moment of silence and reflection, those stories began.

An avid weight lifter, one person told of Mr. Goodwin and his twin, Walter, who also lifted weights, and how competitive they were with each other.

The Goodwin family had a dairy and raised vegetables, and the twins would compete not for driving the truck, but for being the one to get in extra time lifting weights by hoisting baskets of tomatoes into the truck.

Another told of the resulting agility of Mr. Goodwin, who could put others to shame by his effortless ability to jump onto a truck without falling over. ..... Always a law-abiding person, another friend said, Mr. Goodwin was surprised one day while driving on an out-of-state highway trying to keep up with the flow of traffic, and a police officer pulled him over.

"Wally gave him his license, and it had expired. He had other paperwork in his wallet, and it also was expired, so he had to go back into the police vehicle. When he returned, he was quiet for several minutes, so I asked what the officer had told him," the friend said.

"He told me to clean out my wallet," Mr. Goodwin replied. ......."Apparently, he had all the legal documents in the wallet, but they were buried beneath the old," his friend recalled.

Jim Sloan, manager of the information division at Mannington Mills, where Mr. Goodwin had been employed for the last 14 years, brought a laugh from the crowd.

"The only time I ever saw Wally come close to being upset was when I would beat him to the coconut-covered doughnut from the box we had in the office on Fridays," he said.

Longtime friend and fellow committee member Dan Hancock recalled how he and Mr. Goodwin had grown up together, and the respect they shared.

It was Hancock, then mayor of the township, who urged Mr. Goodwin to run for office, and two years later, to take the seat as its mayor.

"It was the best decision I ever made," Hancock said. "We had our differences, but we would work with Wally. That always seemed to be the right way to go. He was a good man, a good friend and I will always be thankful," Hancock said, his voice breaking with emotion.

Mark Andrews, his brother-in-law, summarized Mr. Goodwin's legacy in the words he heard his widow, Kathy, say the night he passed away.

"I know he is in Heaven," she told her family. "And I have a lot of work to do if I ever want to see him again."

It was a statement echoed by those who paid their final respects as C. Wallis Goodwin was laid to rest in the Greenwich Friends Meeting Orthodox Cemetery. ... ...

Obituary/AFSC/Bracy, Mittie Marie/Pair of local civil rights 'warriors' mourned/Montgomery Advertiser/Montgomery/AL/USA/17-Dec-05//….Bracy's mark

A decade after Parks took her historic stand, another area woman made a mark in the fight for civil rights.

Mittie Marie Bracy was a co-founder of the Willing Workers for Freedom and Unity. The organization encouraged black parents to sign Freedom of Choice forms to further the integration of Wetumpka schools.

She and two other women formed the organization after her home was fire-bombed late New Year's night in 1966 because she enrolled two of her 10 children in Wetumpka High School. The school had not been integrated before that point and there were only 17 other black students enrolled in predominantly white Elmore County schools at the time.

Bracy's daughter, Sophia Bracy Harris, said her mother seemed fearless when she was growing up.

"She was a real passionate woman about justice, and she just believed that you treated people the way you wanted to be treated," Harris said. "She was a staunch believer in community service and she was equally a staunch believer in the betterment of our race, so she talked to us a lot about how we needed to get a good education and we needed to serve."

Bracy also was a member of the Elmore County Improvement Association, the Elmore County NAACP and the Quality Education Task Force of the American Friends Service Committee. ….

Obituary///Lois Hogle, environmental pioneer, dies/Palo Alto Online/Palo Alto/CA/USA/28-Dec-05//... She has followed an inner path as well, which began with a Quaker family heritage and encompassed both a philosophy and a spiritual compass to her life ...

Obituary///Upland native Nelson, 87, dies/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/Inland Valley/CA/USA/15-Dec-05//... He was an active member of the First Friends Church since 1940. ... A service will be at 2 pm Jan. 7 at First Friends Church in Uptown Whittier. ...


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