Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Politics and Economics - period ended 11.1.2006

Politics and Economics/Pacificsm/Leftist/Lind, Staunton/Legendary Historian, Attorney & Peace Activist Staughton Lynd on .../Pacifica Radio/San Francisco/CA/USA/21-Oct-06//... For the past fifty years Staughton Lynd has dedicated his life to activism and social change as a historian, lawyer, labor activist and Quaker pacifist. ...

Politics and Economics/Liberal/Joseph Rowntree Trust/Trust gives cash-hit Lib Dems £2m lifeline/Times Online/London/England/UK/21-Oct-06//...The payment is the biggest donation to a political party by the trust, which has also given money to Labour and the Green party in recent years.

In 2003 the trust gave just over £500,000 to the Lib Dems to help fight the English local elections and the Scottish parliament and Welsh assembly elections. In 2004 and 2005 it donated £250,000.

The trust was founded by Joseph Rowntree, a 19th-century businessman and co-owner of the chocolate company. Rowntree, who was a supporter of the Liberal party, was also a member of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. . ..

Politics and Economics/Democratic Party/Brady, Olivia/It's a close race for 150th District seat/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/23-Oct-06//...Brady, 52, is on leave as a systems analyst for Vanguard Group in Malvern, where she has worked 23 years; she earned a bachelor's degree in radio, television and film from Temple University in 1977. She has a husband, Craig, and a son. Brady, a Quaker, said she would be the first Latina state legislator. ...


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