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Quaker History - period ended 1.31.2006

Quaker History/Underground Railroad/Puppets tell story of Harriet Tubman/Cambridge Chronicle/Cambridge/MA/USA/19-Jan-2006//... Railway Theater in Arlington will present "Are You Ready, My Sister?," an original historical adventure story of Harriet Tubman and the Quaker women who helped ...

Quaker History/Smithfield Meeting (NEYM)/Churches tell city’s story/Woonsocket Call/Woonsocket/RI/USA/30-Jan-2006//... The Meeting House was one of several Quaker meeting houses built along the Blackstone River in the eighteenth century. "This was …Reader Comments
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Added: Monday January 30, 2006 at 02:11 PM EST
I enjoyed reading the article about the formation of the local churches (Churches Tell City's Story" - 1/30), but thought I should clarify the picture shown on page 1. The picture of the Society of Friends meetinghouse (picture dated 1907) is that of the current meetinghouse, built in 1881. The original meetinghouse, built in 1719, was destroyed by a fire in 1881, and the current one was built on the same site. We suspect at least one of the foundation walls once supported the original meetinghouse.

By the way, we are called Smithfield Meeting because, in the 1700s, most of the area northwest of Providence was considered Smithfield.

Richard Frechette
North Smithfield
(Clerk, Smithfield Meeting
Religious Society of Friends)
Richard Frechette….

Quaker History/Plain Dress//Preserving Area’s History One Monument at a Time/Winchester Star/Winchester/VA/USA/24-Jan-2006//... Third Battle of Winchester. Tischler’s daughter, 8-year-old Rachael, is dressed as a period Quaker girl. The fence was installed ...

Quaker History/Philadelphia/Franklin, Benjamin/It's All About the Benjamin's Birthday/ Philadelphia and the world. Ben Franklin was born in Boston, but as you know, he would later fall in love with the Quaker City. Part of his ...

Quaker History/Natural Science/Judaism/Book Review/The Daily Dose: History, science and religion/Science & Theology News/Boston/MA/USA/16-Jan-2006//…In the Middle Ages, Islamic cultures had specific reasons for encouraging specific sciences, such as mathematical astronomy, which could assist in determining the direction of Mecca for prayer. Some Indian traditions have been seen as more conducive to an appreciation of evolutionary motifs than conservative Protestant traditions in the West. A recent book by philosopher and historian of science Geoffrey Cantor, Quakers, Jews, and Science, contains compelling contrasts between Jewish and Quaker communities in England from 1650 to 1900; whereas Quakers were drawn to observational sciences, such as astronomy and botany, Jewish scientists tended to favor the more mathematical and theoretical sciences.

The best science and religion scholarship emphasizes the importance of place, as well as time and tradition, when analyzing responses to scientific innovation. Geography professor David Livingstone’s 2003 book, Putting Science in its Place, captures the complexity perfectly. He shows that a deceptively simple question, such as “How did Presbyterian Christians respond to Darwin’s theory of natural selection?” can elicit a number of answers, each largely dependent on where one happened to be: Princeton Presbyterians were, in large part, more favorably disposed to the theory than those in Belfast, where, for local reasons, there was a contingent association of Darwinism with materialism. ...

Quaker History/Natural Science/Bartram, William/Tracing the past/Villages Daily Sun/Miami/FL/USA/23-Jan-2006//In case you are wondering, The Puc Puggy chapter gets its name from the Seminole name for William Bartram, a Quaker botanist who sketched the plants and animals of central Florida in 1776. The term means “flower hunter.”

Quaker History/Meetinghouse/Swarthmoor Hall/Quaker facelift to boost visits/NW Evening Mail/Cumberland/England/UK/20-Jan-2006//... Swarthmoor Hall was built in 1586 and is seen as the birthplace of the Quaker Movement in Britain. The Grade II listed building ...

Quaker History/Liberal///Universalist Church completes series on 'Restless Souls'/Bellingham CountryGazette/Bellingham/MA/USA/26-Jan-2006//…Universalist Church completes series on 'Restless Souls'
FOXBORO - The Foxborough Universalist Church will present Membership Sunday on Jan. 29, 10 a.m., and the Rev. Fayre Stephenson's sermon, "Freedom, Self-Surrender and Seekers."
The final sermon of the series will focus on the international gatherings of religious liberals in search of a global spirituality and the 20th century spiritual activists inspired by the revitalized Quaker movement. This series of sermons is based on Princeton Professor Leigh Eric Schmidt's new book, "Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality from Emerson to Oprah."
New members will be welcomed into the congregation on this day.
Parent-led religious education and childcare are available during the service. A Friendship Hour follows to meet members and friends. ...

Quaker History/LaRouche, Lyndon//Senate Needs Guts To Defend Nation From Nazi Takeover/Executive Intelligence Review/New York/NY/USA/16-Jan-2006//Now, take a case—to get a sense of irony, take a look at my family history. My family came into what became the United States, in the second quarter of the 17th Century, between the time of the establishment of the Plymouth Colony in 1620 and the middle of that century. The family started—they were mostly English, and Quakers, and people such as people from the Netherlands; and they settled primarily—my family, that is, did—settled in two counties in Massachusetts: One, Bristol County which is in the south, which was a maritime area, a seagoing, seafaring area; and Essex County, which is in northern Massachusetts, which is, again, a seafaring area......So, in this period, you had a group from France, who had arrived in Quebec, who had arrived from France in the same period, in the second quarter of the 17th Century. And eventually, they came migrating down to Bristol County in Massachusetts, and they began intermarrying with the Scottish and the English and whatnot—the Quakers and whatnot. And then, you had, of course, as I said, the Irish who came in from Ireland in the middle of the 19th Century, and settled in Essex County. And they also had connections through this. And that was the family.

Now, the family's kind of interesting: Some of them are famous—we had one of the great leaders of the anti-slavery movement, one of the Quaker leaders, people like that. But we also had some curious cases, which brings us to the point. We have, for example, in the family, you have Marilyn Monroe.

Quaker History/Integrity/Addams, Jane/New generation learns about social activism/Rockford Register Star/Rockford/IL/USA/29-Jan-2006//…The timing seems right. Perhaps today’s Americans will learn that the ethics and principles Jane Addams championed are essential in effectively dealing with the social, economic and racial divisions exposed by Hurricane Katrina.

Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, five miles north of Freeport, on Sept. 6, 1860, the eighth child of a wealthy businessman whom she adored and whose Quaker leanings profoundly influenced her.

John Huy Addams was an Illinois state senator, a founding member of the Republican Party, a friend of Abraham Lincoln (who addressed him in letters as “My dear Double-D’ed Addams) and a man of keen social conscience. By at least one account, he also was a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad that spirited fugitive slaves to freedom in the North and Canada.

Jane was just 7 years old when she got her first glimpse of abject poverty as she rode with her father one day through a poor neighborhood in Freeport. She was deeply troubled by the sight and vowed that someday she would live in a grand home “right in the middle of horrid little houses like these.” She kept that promise. ...

Quaker History/Howitt, William//Proof of history's rum deal/Sydney Morning Herald/Sydney/Australia/Oceania/27-Jan-2006//... moved on. Many years later, in 1855, an English Quaker named William Howitt published a popular history of Australia. Like many ...

Quaker History/Free Quakers/Franklin, Benjamin/Colbert goes Colonial with Ben/Philadelphia Daily News/Philadelphia/PA/USA/30-Jan-2006//... Colbert goes Colonial with Ben

Syphilis, of which swingin' Ben Franklin was afflicted, was the hot topic for Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report," as he interviewed Franklin impersonator and scholar Ralph Archbold Friday at the Free Quaker Meeting House (5th & Arch). Not to be outdone by Archbold, Colbert also dressed in Colonial garb, including a three-cornered hat, for the segment, slated to air the week of Feb. 20. ...

Quaker History/Free Quakers/Franklin, Benjamin/BEN'S BIRTHDAY/Philadelphia Daily News/Philadelphia/PA/USA/16-Jan-2006//... Families can all go to Ben's Birthday Salons, parties held the first Friday of each month from 6 to 8 pm at the Free Quaker Meeting House, 500 Arch St. ...

Quaker History/Franklin, Benjamin//Shows will round out our image of Franklin/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/30-Jan-2006//The University of Pennsylvania Library's exhibition, "Educating the Youth of Pennsylvania: Worlds of Learning in the Age of Franklin," traces the school's history as a Franklin-founded boys' academy by exploring the array of experiments in learning then under way in the region, from Quaker schools to night classes for servants, to the Society for the Free Instruction of Females.

Quaker History/Franklin, Benjamin//Philadelphia takes a year to celebrate birthday of its legend/Wilkes Barre Times-Leader/Wilkes=Barre/PA/USA/18-Jan-2006//... dressed people walking with purpose. He followed them into the main Quaker meeting house and sat down. "Being very drowsy thro' Labor ...

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Quaker History/Franklin, Benjamin//Ghost Hunter/Philadelphia and Friends

Runs through Jan. 31, Haverford College's Magill Library, Sharpless Gallery, 370 Lancaster Ave., 610-896-1161

Remember the episode when Phoebe gives Monica a loan to help her catering business, Rachel struggles to complete an entire crossword puzzle on her own and Ben starts dating a hot paleontologist who turns out to be a complete slob? Such a good one. Oh wait … not those friends. While this exhibit lacks information on Franklin's classic Must-See-TV role, it explores his relationship with prominent Quaker figures through the display of original manuscripts, books and artifacts.

Ben says: "I guess I am friends with myself?" ...

Quaker History/Franklin, Benjamin//Ben still looks like 100 bucks/Lowell Sun/Lowell/MA/USA/17-Jan-2006//... I purported to be a gentleman from Pennsylvania, almost a Quaker. And I told them stories of America, which endeared me to them. ...

Quaker History/Fox, George//Volunteers cook up fun for old-fashioned meals/Baltimore Sun/Baltimore/MD/USA/29-Jan-2006// Up next, on Feb. 1, is Wes Stone, who will portray George Fox, the 17th-century English founder of the Religious Society of Friends, informally known as Quakers.

Fox traveled to Galesville, a nearby South County town where the first Quaker meeting for worship in Maryland was held. The aim of the series, members said, is to give glimpses of history. Generally, topics center on Anne Arundel County history, which includes a rich brew of stories on Colonial-era Puritans, Catholics and Quakers. Memories of the house's 20th-century past as the National Masonic Fishing and

Quaker History/Civil Rights/King, Martin Luther, Jr./Inspired by King/Frederick News Post/Frederick/MD/USA/17-Jan-2006//... Frederick – Several Frederick County residents met Martin Luther King Jr. or heard him speak. Here is a brief glimpse of their personal experiences and memories of Dr. King:........James Upchurch

James Upchurch was a student at Guilford College, a small Quaker college in Greensboro, N.C., in 1963. He spent the summer registering voters in a black community and was the only white person living in the area, Mr. Upchurch wrote in an e-mail to The Frederick News-Post.

Mr. Upchurch and his friends were among the thousands of people who journeyed to Washington to march for equal rights on August 28, 1963.

"Our bus left the night before to allow enough time for a less than direct route and to avoid the need for hotels that we could not afford," Mr. Upchurch wrote. "My friends did not speak of the fact that we could not stop at most places for food or bathrooms, but it was a constant reminder to me of why we needed to march in protest." ...

Quaker History/Business/Whaling//Sorry fate of these occasional visitors/ 1691 the beaching of yet another whale was captured on a print entitled "a true draught of the whale as he was seen at Blackwall dock". It shows the whale, said to be 57ft long, surrounded by crowds of curious sightseers. It was "harpooned and taken, then bought by a Quaker".

Quaker History/Business/Collins, John/The Rise and Fall of a Visionary/Hotel interactive/New York/NY/USA/30-Jan-2006//Throughout Fisher's early years he showed a keen eye for real estate. Always interested in the best, his showrooms, offices, plants and homes were showplaces of their kind. In 1913 he took that accumulated knowledge of construction, and made a giant leap into the ranks of the country's biggest real estate czars. While vacationing in south Florida, he couldn't but help notice the barrier island that paralleled the city of Miami. Miami Beach, as it was called, was 3,500 acres of mangrove swamp and beach. Connected to the mainland by a half finished wooden bridge, it was unpopulated, and unwanted. Single handedly, Fisher transformed it into one of the most stylish resorts in the world. He cut down the mangroves, and to the astonishment of the locals, he dredged up sand from Biscayne Bay to fill in the swampland, and shipped in hundreds of tons of topsoil from the Everglades. He then built streets and sidewalks and laid out the city of Miami Beach. Fisher loaned $50,000 at 8 percent interest plus a "bonus" of 150 acres to an 81-year old Quaker farmer, John Collins, to complete a bridge linking Miami Beach with the mainland. Fisher also bought an additional 60 acres from the brothers J. N. and J. E. Lummus, who both headed local banks.

Quaker History/Business/Cadbury, William/Ooh la la - we may have to liking the French again/ic Or do we? World-famous chocolate maker Cadbury was founded in Birmingham in 1824 of Quaker origins and the Bournville factory is still there. ...

Quaker History/Adversity/Nixon, Richard/Life's a beach in almost all respects/Australian/Melbourne/Australia/Oceania/20-Jan-2006//... "Here's a man who had two brothers who died from tuberculosis, hailed from a Quaker family and came from a poor Californian area, yet rose to become president. ...

Quaker History/Abolition/Underground Railroad/Slavery's tangible legacy educates at Star Hill/The News Journal/Wilmington/DE/USA/18-Jan-2006//... the topic. It started when Quaker friends in Camden told her the town's meeting house was a stop on the Underground Railroad. "No ...

Quaker History/Abolition/Underground Railroad/History before King Jr./Tonawanda News/Tonawanda/NY/USA/17-Jan-2006//... n An unnamed woman who aided the Underground Railroad in Lockport, a hotbed of anti-slavery sentiment from the 1830s onward thanks to the Quaker orientation of ...

Quaker History///What's right about Richmond? Plenty/Palladium-Item/Richmond/IN/USA/21-Jan-2006//... They are a whiz- bang. For years education, the arts, political and environmental responsibility have been part of our diversity and Quaker tradition. ...


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