Monday, January 15, 2007

Quaker House - period ended 4.1.2006

Quaker House/War/Protest//Linear Park dedicated to history/Fayetteville Online/Fayetteville/NC/USA/24-Mar-06//... from the site. Quaker House was once on Ray Avenue, and several protests against the Vietnam War started there. As the ceremony ...

Quaker House/War/Protest/Gwyn, Robert/Protesters: War policy is flawed/Fayetteville Online/Fayetteville/NC/USA/18-Mar-06//... Protesters from all over North Carolina traveled to Fayetteville for the rally.

Robert Gwyn, a 78-year-old peace activist, drove to Fayetteville with his wife and a friend for the protest. Gwyn is a former head of Fayetteville’s Quaker House and remembers protesting the Vietnam War.

“We hope all of these demonstrations keep the issue alive,” Gwyn said. “Breaking down the wall erected by Bush and company is very difficult. It will only happen when people rise up and say they’ve had enough.” ...


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