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Quaker Schools - period ended 1.15.2006

Quaker Schools/Guilford/Carter, Max/Religiously Founded Colleges Consider Religious Ties/ Total Instances… (01/14/06 - GREENSBORO) - Guilford College is Quaker. Bennett College, Methodist. Elon University, what is now United Church of Christ.
Religiously founded colleges in the Triad rank high on the kinds of lists that catch parents' attention. For example: Guilford College is among the best colleges in the country, according to the Princeton Review. U.S. News & World Report's list of America's Best Colleges has included Elon University and the Methodist-founded High Point University. In 2004, Elon ranked No. 1 on the list of "the most undeservedly underappreciated colleges in the country" in "Harvard Schmarvard," a college guidebook.

"I'm not even sure if half the students at Elon really know it was founded by the UCC," said student Brian Jones of Greensboro.

Historically, the relationships these schools have with affiliated denominations have been valuable to both sides.

Religious groups sent off their future leaders to learn a career while deepening their faith.

And the religious groups provided a pipeline through which the colleges filled seats.

But as the cost of college has risen, with fewer people willing or able to pay the high price that comes with a private-college education, that pipeline has begun to rust.

Today's religiously affiliated schools, looking for ways to increase enrollment and lower costs, debate how to embrace their religious heritage without alienating potential students of another or no faith.

Some schools are rethinking everything from who's in control to whether de-emphasizing faith might help market the school.

About three years ago Guilford College trustees debated whether to downplay the school's Quaker roots, wondering if stereotypes hurt recruitment. Word leaked out and students were "horrified," said Max Carter, the director of campus ministries.

"Fifty percent of the student body signed the petition saying Quaker heritage is important -- even though only 10 percent are Quaker," Carter said. The trustees backed down and in recent years have sought a closer affiliation with the Society of Friends, which helps them bring big names to campus.

"I've gotten to hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu speak and I've had lunch with Dr. Patch Adams (of motion picture fame), whose son goes to school here -- it's a thousand amazing little things," said Lizzie Biddle, a freshman from the Philadelphia area. ...

Quaker Schools/Friends Central/Silence/Meditation/The Boss A Trip to the Movies/New York Times/New York/NY/USA/14-Jan-2006//……….. A Trip to the Movies

I GREW up in Philadelphia and, although my family was Jewish, went to Friends' Central, a Quaker school, for 12 years. The values taught there had a big impact on me. I had classes with wealthy Main Line debutantes and kids from rough Philly neighborhoods, but there were no cliques or bullies. We learned about community and service, which encouraged us to be friends with everyone.

There was a weekly meeting for worship where we had to remain silent for an entire hour. But if students were moved to speak, they could stand up and do so. We were really learning meditation. When I was young, it was impossible not to be distracted, but as I got older I appreciated the time to become centered. ...

Quaker Schools/Earlham/Peace Activities/Religious Faith/King touched lives with 1959 visit to Earlham/Palladium-Item/Richmond/IN/USA/13-Jan-2006//…"The last time I saw King was in an airport in Greensboro, N.C.," Bolling said. "I heard someone shouting my name. I turned around, and it was King.

"He wanted to talk about his visit to Earlham," which had been several years before, Bolling said. "He remembered it clearly."

Bolling said King had been invited to Earlham by Elton Trueblood, longtime Earlham faculty member and Quaker theologian. King's insistence on non-violence dovetailed with the Quaker heritage of the local college. Bolling was inaugurated as president of Earlham that year.

Bolling's daughter went on to work for King's movement during the 1963 March on Washington.

Both Bolling and Cornett remember King as small in stature, "a short fellow," Bolling said. But Cornett used the word "charisma" and Bolling said "exciting" in speaking of King. ...

Quaker Schools/Earlham///Conner Prairie gets extra cash/Indianapolis Star/Indianapolis/IN/USA/1-Jan-2006//... Announcement of the additional money came at a Statehouse news conference that marked the separation of Conner Prairie and Earlham, the Quaker college in ...

Quaker Schools/Arts/Music/Friends University/Best or worst in 2005 (depending on how you look at it)/The Wichita Eagle/Wichita/KS/USA/1-Jan-2006//... choir. On the other hand: He's still making music with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the Singing Quaker Alumni Choir.

Quaker Schools///New school has big plans for future/ic Wales/Cardiff/Wales/UK/3-Jan-2006//The junior school, which is run in a room in the Quaker Meeting House in Cardiff, opened 11 years after an early years centre was set up in the city. ...

Raised-a-Quaker/Dispassion/Mindfulness/Fleischacker named mayor in Upper Freehold/Allentown Messenger Press/Allentown/PA/USA/13-Jan-2006//….But the committee reserved its most lavish praise for Mr. Horsnall. Township Attorney Granville "Skip" Magee said Mr. Horsnall's Quaker upbringing is evident in his ability to keep a cool head even if he feels passionately about an issue.
"I think you've seen David at times get upset about an issue, take a breath and (think)," Mr. Magee said. ...


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