Sunday, January 07, 2007


Secret police taping of calls in Lake Worth spurs lawsuit/Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel/Ft. Lauderdale/FL/USA/1-Jan-2006/SunSentinel/
17 Total Instances in the U.S.
On behalf of the city, attorneys Kenneth Carman of Boca Raton and Richard Sherman of Fort Lauderdale have filed a similar motion, arguing that Nedzweckas and Brillinger knew the lines were recorded and had no expectation of privacy.

Ironically, in a city known for political and social activism, the questions about wiretaps in this case do not spring from efforts by law officers to monitor anti-war groups or community firebrands.

Nor is the lawsuit connected to the activities of the Pentagon, which in December was revealed to have sent undercover operatives to spy on a small Lake Worth counter-military group, the Truth Project, which had gathered in 2004 in a Quaker meeting house. ...


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