Sunday, January 07, 2007


Women/Raised-a-Quaker/Marksmanship/Butler, Phoebe Ann Moses/Celebrate March: National Woman's History Month/Baxter Bulletin/Baxter/AZ/USA/24-Feb-2006//... Macy gives a well-documented look at the Phoebe Ann Moses Butler most of us do not know. Macy has done an admirable job of separating fact from fiction, while providing little-known facts about the heroine.

For example, Annie grew up in a Quaker home in Ohio. There, poverty led her to taking up hunting at age 8 to provide food for the family. A natural marksman, she honed her skill as an adolescent to provide game to restaurants to supplement the family income. She served two years' child labor with an abusive farmer.

She also was an advocate for women learning to use firearms and offered to train women for home-front protection during World War I.. ...


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