Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Youth - period ended 11.15.2006

Youth / Religious Diversity / Religious Faith // Faith Matters: Why can kids talk faith but adults cannot? / Northwest Explorer / Phoenix / AZ / USA /11/15/06//... Class members include those who identify as Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist, Quaker, atheist and, mostly, "not sure." Two students said the discussions ...

Youth / Center for Interfaith Relations // Center's leader knows children need our faith / Louisville Courier-Journal / Louisville / KY / USA /11/14/06//…Arnow, 59, a Quaker, is the new executive director of the Center for Interfaith Relations -- formerly the Cathedral Heritage Foundation. The name change reflects a new focus: bringing all faiths together to deal with common issues.

Arnow knows the turf. Her great-grandfather came to the United States from Russia, landed in Baltimore, then walked to Louisville, peddling goods along the way. ….


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