Sunday, February 04, 2007

AFSC - period ended 2.1.2007

AFSC/War/Protest/Slant/Take your own meaning from war dead memorial/Tucson Citizen/Tucson/AZ/USA/1-Feb-07//It is sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization opposed to all wars. And it has generated both praise and controversy as it has traveled across the country, including a previous stop in Tucson in 2005.

Sal Cataudella, father of Army Sgt. Sean Cataudella, the first Tucson soldier killed in Iraq, on Aug. 30, 2003, attended the exhibit two years ago but was offended "by the slant they put on things."

"They were telling us about the 30,000 Iraqis and, to me, it came across as if they were blaming it entirely on the American troops. My son went over there with the idea that he was going to help those people start their own government," he said.

However, unlike family members of some other soldiers across the nation, Cataudella has not asked for the removal of his son's name tag from the pair of boots representing him in the exhibit.

"He stood with his comrades. He ought to stand with them some more," Cataudella said. ...

AFSC/War/Protest/Conscience/While a court-martial awaits .../ Friends Services Committee is a Quaker organization. Those who attend Ho's appearance will get a chance to hear "a mother's story," she said. ...

AFSC/Pacifist///Terrorism, Part 6 of 6: Anti-terrorist strategies, present and future/Adirondack Daily Enterprise/Albany/NY/USA/16-Jan-07//The American Civil Liberties Union reports that in the year following the 2001 terrorist attacks on this country, the Denver Police Department maintained intelligence files on approximately 3,200 individuals and 208 organizations. These groups included Amnesty International, the American Friends Committee (a pacifist Quaker organization) and the American Indian Movement. ...


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