Sunday, February 04, 2007

Arts - period ended 2.1.2007

Arts/Theater/McConnell, Gordon/Trilogy finale ignites Florida Stage/Miami Herald/Miami/FL/USA/29-Jan-07//...Steve Hendrickson is surprising and subtly inventive as Allen Rosen, a historian who shares a past with Cadence, and he has one of those dazzlingly theatrical moments when he slips into costume onstage to become Tobias Humphreys, a Quaker abolitionist. Gordon McConnell tackles three roles and is especially fine as an oily Republican ex-congressman trying to use Cadence to advance his agenda.. ...

Arts/Textile/Collaboration/Historic tapestry to go on show/BBC News/London/England/UK/28-Jan-07//The Quaker Tapestry, which can be seen by the public from Thursday, has 77 panels and was created by 4000 people in 15 countries. ...

Arts/Go Inside /Turrell, James/A hole in the ceiling feels like so much more/CNN/Atlanta/GA/USA/31-Jan-07//The man behind the Skyspaces is James Turrell, a 63-year-old, cowboy-hatted, Santa Claus-bearded rancher/pilot/artist. Born in Los Angeles in 1943, Turrell says his first memory is of lying in a crib and watching light play on the ceiling. As a toddler, he devised a way to manipulate the blackout curtains (still around in Pasadena during the last days of World War II) so that he could see stars in the daytime.


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