Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Politics and Economics

Politics and Economics/Kaimosi Friends Church//New districts now brewing conflicts/Kenya Times/Nairobi/Kenya/Africa/7-Feb-07//In the past, a region having powerful or influential people in the public service or politics have tended to push all the projects to the areas they hail from. This has left regions without influential people in government to lag behind in development.

There is a heavy concentration of public health facilities, electricity and water supply, gravelled or even tarmacked roads in certain regions and one wonders what confluence of factors led to this.

Lack of equity in distribution of resources is the one responsible for the people’s clamour for new districts.

It is this problem that created a rift in the Friends Church in Western Kenya, leading to the splitting of the Quaker Church in Western Kenya into Kaimosi Friends and their Mt. Elgon counterparts.

Mt. Elgon Friends accused their Kaimosi counterparts (who controlled the Church from Kaimosi) that they monopolised all the donor funds to the detriment of people in Bungoma and its environs. That led to the splitting of the Friends into Kaimosi Friends and Mt. Elgon Friends. ...

Politics and Economics/International Conflict/Palestine/Berkeley Friends Church/Berkeley This Week/Berkeley Daily Planet/Berkeley/CA/USA/7-Feb-07//“The Hydropolitics of Israel & Palestine” A slide presentation by Skip Shiel, followed by discussion at 7:30 p.m. at Friends Church , Fellowship Hall, 1600 Sacramento St. at Cedar. http://teeksaphoto.org...


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