Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Quaker History

Quaker History/Business/Smiley, Alfred/Smiley, Albert/How the Smileys came to Redlands/San Bernardino Sun/San Bernadino/CA/USA/27-Feb-07//When the Smiley family came to settle in Redlands in the late 1880s, they helped to instill a sense of grace, culture and philanthropy in the San Bernardino Valley.

The Smiley brothers, Alfred H. and Albert K., were identical twins born March 17, 1828, on a farm near Vassalboro, Maine. Daniel Smiley, a half-brother to the twins, was born at the family home on Nov. 29, 1855.

The Smileys were Quakers of Scottish heritage, and the boys were brought up with a solid understanding of the social concerns supported by their religion. The twins' parents also instilled in them a respect for nature and a deep appreciation of beauty and its importance in daily life. . ...

Quaker History/Abolition/Wilberforce, William/Abolitionists Then and Now/The Nation/Washington/DC/USA/23-Feb-07//... of the end of slavery in Britain, portraying the British abolitionist movement as led by Quaker activist and Member of Parliament William Wilberforce. ...

Quaker History/Abolition/Arts/Raws, Charles/Two centuries of a victory against slavery/Times Online/London/England/UK/20-Feb-07//…As a Quaker, should I feel aggrieved that the Society of Friends gets one dismissive reference in the screenplay, although it was a committee of 12 Quakers who initiated the campaign for abolition in 1783? Should I be upset that we have not been given a place on the Government’s bicentenary planning committee in spite of the many practical ways in which Quakers sustained the campaign from then until the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in the 1830s?

Surely it is better to welcome the opportunities offered by the bicentenary to raise awareness of the many forms of slavery today and to work for their abolition with the help of the educational and campaigning resources that are freely available with the film. ….

Quaker History/Abolition///Black History comes to life in Warsaw/Keokuk Gate City Daily/Keokuk/IA/USA/27-Feb-07//“A lot of the white abolitionists were of the Quaker religion, called Friends. They certainly were friends to escaping slaves. The railroad was a network of ...


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