Thursday, March 15, 2007

Arts - period ended 3.15.2007

Arts/Theater//'Producers' dancer hopes to inspire others to follow performing dreams/, who was schooled at her mother's private Quaker school, Wichita Friends, and later at the Independent School, is the first member of her family to ...

Arts/Television/Fox, George/Durham, Geoffrey/Purple patch for Swarthmoor Hall/NW Evening Mail,/Lancaster/England/UK/9-Mar-07//“They were filming at Swarthmoor Hall looking at it from the point of view of an old building connected with the Quaker religion. …“They also interviewed me about George Fox coming here to Swarthmoor Hall,” added Mr Shaw.”

The hall was built about 1586 by George Fell, a local landowner.

His son, Thomas, inherited the hall and in 1652 George Fox, the founder of the Religious Societyof Friends, or the Quakers, gained the support of Margaret, Thomas’ wife.

For several years Swarthmoor Hall was the “powerhouse” behind the movement, which spread all over the country, to the Americas and continental Europe before the end of the century.…..


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