Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quaker History

Quaker History/Slavery/Woolman, John/How to change the world/Sri Lanka Daily Mirror /Sri Lanka/Asia/14-Mar-07// Another behind-the-scenes innovator was John Woolman, an eighteenth-century American Quaker whose impact on American society remains largely unrecognized. Among those most active in the campaign to end the slave trade in the United States were the American Society of Friends, or Quakers, who voluntarily emancipated all their slaves between 1758 and 1800. Although individual Quakers had been preaching against the evils of slavery since 1680, Quakers did not actually abandon the practice of slaveholding in large numbers until Woolman, a tailor and part-time preacher living in Mount Holly, New Jersey, took it upon himself to travel the country talking them out of it.. ...

Quaker History/Plain Dress/Arts/Film/Language: Are you age-appropriate? Show ankle and go figure/International Herald Tribune/Paris/France/E.U./11-Mar-07//One of my Times colleagues reporting on the trial, Jim Rutenberg, who went to a Quaker school for 13 years, recalls a movie about Quakers (probably ...


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