Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Immigration/Politics and Economics/San Diego Friends Meeting/Inspiring, and here illegally/San Diego Union Tribune/San Diego/CA/USA/8-May-07/... today at Plymouth Congregational Church in North Park, Castillo will be offered sanctuary by the San Diego Friends Meeting, a local Quaker congregation. ...(interesting first comment)

Immigration/Politics and Economics/Barrow, David//San Diego Churches to Harbor Immigrants Facing Deportation/KPBS/San Diego/CA/USA/9-May-07/David Barrows, who leads a Quaker congregation called San Diego Friends, announced it would provide symbolic sanctuary for the Castillo family. ...

Immigration/Politics and Economics//Broad Religious Movement Offers Shelter to Immigrants Facing .../KPBS/San Diego/CA/USA/10-May-07/He stepped forward to accept the support from a Quaker congregation that has offered to support and shelter him as he fights for legal status to remain in ...


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