Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Women - period ended 5.15.2007

Quaker History/Women/Hoover, Huldah/Nixon, Hannah/Powerful Mothers Shaped US History/NewsMax.com/Miami/FL/USA/13-May-07/...... Herbert Hoover's mother, Huldah, a devout Quaker, was a tower of strength after the death of her husband. She raised her family with stern values, refused charity, sewed for food and became a popular minister in the Quaker church. Huldah refused to spend a single penny of her husband's life insurance, saving it instead for her children's education. One night, exhausted after preaching a sermon, she walked twenty miles home in a cold rain, caught pneumonia and died. Herbert Hoover was suddenly an orphan at the age of nine, but he was empowered with a remarkable heritage......Hannah Nixon was a calm, understated woman who, as in the case of so many other presidents' mothers, was deeply religious. Unpretentious and nonjudgmental, she was a stark contrast to her choleric, loud husband. When Richard Nixon was in political trouble he would call her and she would say, "I will be thinking of you." It was her signal that she would be praying, for as a humble Quaker she took literally the admonition not to pray publicly or make a pretense of one's prayers. In 1974, when Richard M. Nixon gave his tearful farewell to the nation he declared, "My mother was a saint."

Women/Prayer/Peace Activities/A vision of motherhood/Napa Valley Register/Napa/CA/USA/12-May-07/As a Quaker, she worked and prayed for peace, but she also simply embodied it in her everyday life. In her 70s, my mother did something typical and also ...


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