Sunday, October 21, 2007

Business - period ended 11.1.2007

Business/Law/Egalitarianism/Collaboration/At Firms With 'No Jerks' Rules, Abusive Attorneys Need Not Apply/ York/NY/USA/17-Oct-07/…Likewise, many firms have made the rule a part of their internal culture since their inceptions. At Duane Morris, which was founded on the Quaker values of egalitarianism and collaboration, the firm has made protecting its culture from jerks a priority.

Partners who have been abusive with co-workers or territorial with clients, both well-established and highly discouraged taboos at the firm, have seen their leadership roles diminished or taken away and in some cases were asked to leave the firm. ...

Business/Simplicity/Raised-a-Quaker/Youngjohns, Robert/MORTGAGE MELTDOWN/San Francisco Chronicle/San Francisco/CA/USA/8-Oct-07/… Youngjohns suggests that complex commission structures often lead to what he calls "bad behavior."

"I was raised Quaker, and so I was taught to see the good in everyone," he says. "Until it comes to people's commissions - then you have to assume they're fundamentally evil." ….


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