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Summary - period ending 2.1.2007

Dear Friends,

The major news story (reported in over 150 news instances around the world) this period is about an alleged incident of physical and spiritual violence between American student football players and Palestinian exchange students. The event occurred at a Quaker College – Guilford, in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA). An hour away at Duke University, there has been another widely reported news story which also includes athletes (lacrosse), ethnic minorities, and alcohol. Only arrests of football players have been made as of this time. Guilford College intends to investigate and judge the incident by the end of February 2007, aside from the local indictments on Assault, and Ethnic Intimidation. The American students are also subjects of a Federal investigation for Hate Crimes.

Might the school consider the inward ‘core beliefs’ of Friends as a short and long term solution to the incident? It has been suggested that major outward expressions - sometimes called Quaker Testimonies - peace, equity, simplicity and integrity – of Quaker inward beliefs - are sometimes inappropriately called ‘core values’. 'Values' '- which are outward expressions, can define a school’s mission. But, by some saying “we’re for peace and this occurrence wasn’t peaceful” might not really go to a resolution of the problem. Many Friends believe that outward physical and spiritual peace comes from being convinced, through experience, of these inward Quaker beliefs. Would those involved care to go inward and find the answers?

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I have revised the 1.15.2007 News Summary for clarity. The editorial content mentions Friends organizations which were reported as organizing demonstrations in early January 2007. Some felt these demonstrations were loud, contentious, and went toward dividing the public rather than unifying the public.

Please see 1.15.2007 News Summary

This period, AFSC’s has again utilized a defensive position ‘behind’ Quakers, calling itself a ‘Quaker’ organization in Arizona (USA) . It also did this in Arizona as was reported widely through the Associated Press in 2005. AFSC has resorted to the same rationale – that it is a ‘Quaker’ organization - in 2007, when they are in a tough spot once again in a ‘Red’ state. This latest event regards its ‘Boots’ exhibit under criticism from parents of war dead. Of course, Friends may read the article and make up one's own mind.

Please see AFSC
In Friendship,
The Editor

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